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Maps and Directions

Below is a map of the Washington University campus. ESSRL is located within Washington University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, highlighted with a yellow rectangle.

To the right of that rectangle is a yellow oval indicating the end point of directions provided by the Yahoo map service. If you will be following the directions referenced from our listing of hotels, or from the form below this map, then you will need to navigate from that yellow oval to the School of Engineering in order to reach ESSRL.

map of the Washington University hilltop campus

The area shown above is bounded by Forest Park Parkway and Millbrook Blvd. to the North, Skinker Blvd. to the East, Forsyth Blvd to the South, and Big Bend to the West. A street map of the area surrounding the campus is available. You may also enter your starting point below for driving directions to campus:

Within the School of Engineering, you will need to navigate to Jolley Hall (building 39 in the map below, highlighted in yellow). ESSRL is the on fourth floor of Jolley Hall .

map of the School of Engineering
  • 13. Bryan Hall
  • 22. Cupples II Hall
  • 39. Jolley Hall
  • 45. Lopata Hall
  • 69. Sever Hall
  • 85. Urbauer Hall

Use the following floor plan to locate the office you seek. If you are unsure of the office number for the individual you need to contact, you can either look up their office number, or select a likely room on the diagram below to list that room's occupants.

floor plan of Jolley Hall, level four

Jolley Hall Jolley Hall 403 Jolley Hall 404 Jolley Hall 406 Jolley Hall 407 Jolley Hall 410 Jolley Hall 411 Jolley Hall 412 Jolley Hall 414 Jolley Hall 415 Jolley Hall 413 Jolley Hall 420 Jolley Hall 420a Jolley Hall 420b Jolley Hall 420c Jolley Hall 421 Jolley Hall 422a Jolley Hall 422b Jolley Hall 422 Jolley Hall 422c Jolley Hall 423 Jolley Hall 426 Jolley Hall 426a Jolley Hall 426b Jolley Hall 428 Jolley Hall 427 Jolley Hall 427a Jolley Hall 425 Jolley Hall 425a Jolley Hall 425b Jolley Hall 424 Jolley Hall 424a Jolley Hall 424b Jolley Hall 408 Jolley Hall 405 Jolley Hall 409 Jolley Hall 416 Jolley Hall 418 Jolley Hall 431

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