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Information Theory Research Group

Information Theory Research Group


Joseph A. O'Sullivan
John Schotland
Donald L. Snyder
Stefano Soatto
Bruce Whiting
Sushil Anand
Jasenka Benac
Michael D. DeVore
Gianfranco Doretto
Paolo Favaro
Yuri Ikeda
Hailin Jin
Mats Jonsson
Ryan Murphy
Metin Oz (post-doc)
Natalia Schmid

Purpse of Meetings

The purpose of the meetings is to explore a set of ideas within information theory as they relate to research projects in ESSRL. Participants will be called on to present ideas. These should be relatively polished research topics or papers from the literature. The definition of information theory will be modified as needed to accomodate each paper studied.

Possible topics (not ordered) include:

1. Information geometry
--Kullback, Csiszar, O'Sullivan, etc.
2. Graphical Models in Inference
--Frey, Baum, Welch, Jelinek, etc.
3. Component Analysis: Independent (ICA), Principal, Eigen vs. Fisher
4. Information Value Decomposition
5. Bayesian Networks
6. Performance in Multiple Hypothesis Testing:
GLRT vs. Alternatives
7. Regularization and Sieves
--Grenander, Miller, Snyder, Moulin, etc.
8. Information Hiding: Steganography, Watermarking, etc.
9. Turbo codes, low density parity check codes, etc.
10. Information geometry in vision applications
11. Information geometry in optical (diffusion) imaging
12. Information geometry in hyperspectral imaging
13. Random point processes

Weekly Meetings

Potentially useful links

Shannon's 1948 paper in pdf. Total 4645180 bytes.
Michael I. Jordan's home page. See his book "Learning in Graphical Models" --- (MIT Press, 1999).
Brendan Frey's home page. See his tutorial on probability propagation.
David Mackay's home page
Frank R. Kschischang's home page
"Codes and Decoding on General Graphs," the doctoral thesis of Niclas Wiberg
(also, the downloaded pdf version, 1.3MB).
Robert J. McEliece's home page
Yair Weiss's home page
IEEE Information Theory Society; see the on-line link to all papers ever published in the IT Transactions
Viterbi's orignal paper with the Viterbi algorithm in pdf. Total 1.5 MB.

Max-Plus, Max-Sum, etc., (for those interested)

Max-Plus Algebra working group at INRIA
Paper from INRIA group (S. Gaubert, et al.).
Max Plus Group at Delft
A Search on Max Plus Algebra

J. A. O'Sullivan Home Page